SAP Research RoofTop Marketplace

Volker Hoyer (again ;-)), Florian Gilles, Kathrin Fleischmann, Alexander Dreiling and Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva present the RoofTop mashup tool.

Volker is on the scene again, this time demoing RoofTop, a mashup editor for enterprise mashups. Volker compares the steps toward building a mashup to those on the market place: Knowledge, Intention, Contract or Design and Settlement. This is also the way RoofTop is structured.

He starts the demo by explaining how you can search for widgets either by browsing the catalogue or by means of keywords this is the so called-knowledge phase. The next phase is intention, that’s when the user decides on the widget he wants to add to his mashup.

After this we enters the Contract or Design phase where the widgets are arranged and connected on the dashboard space. For instance Volker selects both a Customer Data widget (connecting to a SAP system) and a Google Maps widget. Directly after adding them he can browse the customers and see their location on the map widget. Finally he adds a Google Mail widget which can be used to see mails related to a customer. The last step is the settlement, that’s when the mashup is actually executed and exported.

Finally he shows how context is used to suggest widgets and mashups to users. For instance if you are part of the marketing team and many of the marketing exec used a particular mashup the system is going to recommend you this mashup. Three axis or context features, can be used for recommendations colleagues, environment and business purpose.

You can see a video similar to the demonstration at MEM 2009 on this page.

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