Specifications and Standards


We’ve long way since we got together with a couple of researchers to bootstrap the WoT in 2007. The WoT is now getting mainstream traction and is actively being used in products such as our very own EVRYTHNG platform. It’s also at the center of a standardization effort at W3C. The different activities of the W3C WoT IG are listed here.

Web Thing Model


The Web Thing Model Submission is a specification that was published in 2015 by several members of the WoT IG. This document proposes the basis of a common model to describe the virtual counterpart of physical objects in the Web of Things. It defines a model and Web API for Things to be followed by anyone wanting to create a product, device, service, or application for the Web of Things.

To get started with this specification have a look at:


W3C Working group

The W3C Web of Things Working Group also working on a number of guidelines and documents among which you’ll find: