Gateway unleashed!

I’ve presented yesterday in Los Angeles a talk on the gateways I’ve been talking about for months. Okay, actually I didn’t physically present it for logistical reasons, as I’m totally in Europe. But the paper is supposed to be out in the proceedings, so I thought I should share it with you.

For now still not much code to play with 🙁

Read the abstract:

Wireless Sensor Networks provide unprecedented possibilities for monitoring and interacting with the real-world. Unfortunately, the lack of open and simple standards for ad-hoc collaboration between heterogeneous embedded devices makes it difficult to build large-scale deployments; every particular application requires complex integration work, and therefore technical expertise, effort and time. Inspired by the success of Web 2.0 mashups, we propose a similar lightweight approach for interacting with networked devices. In particular, we describe a gateway architecture that enables to access sensor nodes through a RESTful interface. With this approach, interacting with a sensor node becomes as easy as typing a URI in a Web browser. By reusing the architectural principles of the modern Web, we show how one can built a loosely coupled infrastructure for the Web of Things that scales well and extends the current Web to the real world.

Maybe that makes you want to know more about it. We’ll hopefully present more in details the prototypes one can build on top of this gateway in the next few months, so keep watching. And very likely release some code when it reaches a more solid form.

Download it here!!!!

Here is the BibTeX:

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