Web hooks

Guys (& girls), check this out first

I just heard about web hooks yesterday and thought it’s just something totally cool. I think it’s an excellent approach to a much more programmable web and world, especially if we think in terms of small scale, personal mashups. The idea has been around for a while and maybe hasn’t been formalized with an official terminology yet, but it’s a totally cool way to have some publish/subscribe mechanism on the Web, or better said trigger-based notifications.

It’s funny that I was thinking of doing something like that, but Jeff did it a little ago already. I loved the slides he made, it’s not only totally cool to sell the concept and idea, but also full of cool examples and ideas, so you definitely want to check them out. No seriously, his slides kick ass! And I can’t help fantasizing about the endless possibilities of a hookable web of things.

Something similar for devices is a very neat way to obtain a more flexible notification mechanism for devices, and certainly cleaner and more RESTful than using comet, which is nice, but feels to much of a dirty hack.

Do you have some experience using hooks or other notification mechanism for devices? Fire up, comments are here for that!!

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