WOT Demonstration @ Pervasive 2009

Dear all,

A short paper I have been wanting to publish for a while here. It is about the Web of Things demonstrator we presented at Pervasive 2009 in Japan, which is based on our Energie Visible project.

Since it is a short paper it does not present ground breaking results but it contains a bit more technical information on how the Plogg Gateway was built and on the resource orientation of the Ploggs. By the way, we finally managed to begin the deployment of the Energie Visible project in our own labs. The goal is to have Ploggs in each room of our lab managed by a small embedded gateway in each room as well. To that we will also add several other devices such as our RESTful Sun SPOTs and finally experiment mashing up these things together.

I’m rather eager to see how much it will influence our colleagues in their everyday consumption… (Vlad, how about you start shutting down your computer once in a while now already ;-P). But I’m even more eager to be able to test the Web of Things concept in a bigger setting! We’ll communicate the results, no worry!
Until then:
Enjoy reading the paper here!

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title = {Are you Energy-Efficient? Sense it on the Web!},
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