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Important announcement – we joined EVRYTHNG Ltd.

Dear readers, today we have an important announcement to make: we both finished our PhDs, so are now officially “doctors” ;). But the important part is that we’ve teamed up with entrepreneurs Niall Murphy (founder of WiFi network The Cloud, acquired by BSkyB last year) and Andy Hobsbawm (founder of Online Magic, which later became Agency.com) to form a very cool venture called EVRYTHNG, that is working in the area of Web of Things! You bet! Dom has taken upon the role of Chief Technology Officer, while mine is Chief Product Officer. EVRYTHNG is funded by the awesome Atomico (Skype’s Niklas...


Hackathon on social devices @ WoT2011

Because we don’t like just talking but also doing, we’ve decided to set up an exciting warm-up for our upcoming WoT2011 workshop. I named: a hackathon on social device that will take place on the 11 June 2011 somewhere in San Francisco. In 3 words (okay more than 3):

Live from SXSW!! 92

Live from SXSW!!

We just arrived in Austin, TX for one of the largest geek/tech/media festival, South by SouthWest. It’s just great HUGE! We are presenting on sunday a workshop on the web of things. It’s the first part of a blocks workshop on javascript (the two others by Kyle Simpson and Dan Nichols), and we’re there to provide the things layer. It’s a unique opportunity to share our experiences with WoT with many other hackers, coders, masher, and we have been preparing a huge amount of nerdy meaty stuff to chew on (read: handouts, code, examples, demos, etc). It’ll be fantastic to...

Web hooks 1,097

Web hooks

Guys (& girls), check this out first I just heard about web hooks yesterday and thought it’s just something totally cool. I think it’s an excellent approach to a much more programmable web and world, especially if we think in terms of small scale, personal mashups. The idea has been around for a while and maybe hasn’t been formalized with an official terminology yet, but it’s a totally cool way to have some publish/subscribe mechanism on the Web, or better said trigger-based notifications. It’s funny that I was thinking of doing something like that, but Jeff did it a little...

What do you want! 1,226

What do you want!

Folks, we realize there’s slowly a cool crowd out there following us, and I’m really curious to know what you guys expect to see here. I mean this site is like so young, we’re just at the beginning, but we don’t know what you look like (are you hairy?). I mean, I’m curious to know if you’d prefer more research? More products? More design? More philosophical debates? More blabla and powerpoints to make your boss happy? More news? More naked girls pictured? Or simply more code? Would you like to see more longer articles, longer? More reviews? More research (I’ll...

Ercim news 1,130

Ercim news

I wanted to blog about this for a while already. I’ve been waiting eagerly to read the latest issue of ERCIM news, which had for special theme “The Sensor Web“. Usually they have interesting articles on many cool high-tech topics, but I have to admit that this issue was quite disappointing for me. In particular, they talk about the Sensor Web, which has nothing to do with our WWW. There is not single mention of URI or HTTP or REST in the whole issue, but there are many articles that talk about the same approaches. I find this quite disappointing,...

L’Energie Visible got Selected for National Energy Award 699

L’Energie Visible got Selected for National Energy Award

Hi guys and gals, Remember not long ago I was talking about our first real-world implementation of the WOT concepts in an energy monitoring application: Are you Energy Efficient? Sense it the WEB way, well this system, now named “l’energie visible” or “visible energy” was selected amongst a number of projects for the Jade national energy award in Switzerland. It is now entering the final selection phase, 20 projects are on the list. The folk can vote for the projects on Jade Award. So if you like the Energie Visible project then do support us, vote for project 13. More...