Live from SXSW!!

We just arrived in Austin, TX for one of the largest geek/tech/media festival, South by SouthWest. It’s just great HUGE! We are presenting on sunday a workshop on the web of things. It’s the first part of a blocks workshop on javascript (the two others by Kyle Simpson and Dan Nichols), and we’re there to provide the things layer. It’s a unique opportunity to share our experiences with WoT with many other hackers, coders, masher, and we have been preparing a huge amount of nerdy meaty stuff to chew on (read: handouts, code, examples, demos, etc). It’ll be fantastic to connect with other people in the Web community and see how our projects work out there in the real world.

We’ve been busy preparing the demos, but we’ll soon put all of that material online (we just wait after the workshop, as I’m afraid all the folks trying our apps might crash our little wot server).

Anyway, follow us on twitter #webofthings! We’ll try to blog some stuff too, but there’s so much going on, we might… forget.

Thanks a lot Mitchell for the invitation, it’s great to be here!

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