So? What’s going on guys?

Folks, we’re both sorry for having been totally silent for the last few weeks (ok, months…) but this was for a very good reason: we finally both finished writing our PhD theses a few days ago (yaay)!!! This means we have officially sent the final draft of our thesis to our committee, and are now preparing for our final defense (Dom’s on the 15th August, mine 2 weeks later, on the 26.8). Then (if all works according to the plan) we’ll be both become doctors of science (how cool is that!). Then we’ll be both doing our civil service (something like the meat-less version of the swiss army) and we’ll both start working on a new butt-kicking webofthingy project we can’t share with you yet (I can only tell that we’re finalizing the legal paperwork at this time).

Why do we write this, as in why would you care and what it means for the WoT community? First, we’ll finally have the time & focus to bring this community to a whole new level. Second, so that you know we do care a lot about and plan to reshuffle things here quite a bit over the next few weeks – it’s just that writing and finishing our research took all our time. Third, it will be time to introduce more and more code and material that people could use, and get a more concrete platform out here. Fourth, even if it looks like we’re copy pasting each other’s life with Dom, I just needed to reassure you that we’re still two different persons and didn’t merge into a single semi-gingery entity (yet..), and especially we’ll join forces to build and hack some damn fine projects soon.

More importantly, that means we’ll be able to come back to blog a little more often (once our defense is over – that is) and share our thoughts as we evolve from academia into real-world, industrial, and entrepreneurial projects and and… (oops, maybe I’m saying already too much, so I stop here).

Stay tuned – more to follow soon!

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