What do you want!

Folks, we realize there’s slowly a cool crowd out there following us, and I’m really curious to know what you guys expect to see here. I mean this site is like so young, we’re just at the beginning, but we don’t know what you look like (are you hairy?). I mean, I’m curious to know if you’d prefer more research? More products? More design? More philosophical debates? More blabla and powerpoints to make your boss happy? More news? More naked girls pictured? Or simply more code? Would you like to see more longer articles, longer? More reviews? More research (I’ll soon put summaries of the pile of papers I’m gonna read), would you like that?

We’re thinking of having maybe a couple of RSS feeds for each category, because I’m not sure business people want to see code, and not sure geeks want to see naked girls, err.. I mean power-points of course. Would that be good? Please use the comments or a mail to let us know what you guys (girls too we hope) think (naked pics of you girls to be send at info@webofthings.com).

We’re just at the beginning of a huge adventure and we thank you all for your interest! And we’re really hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us towards the future of the Web! Stay tuned, more and more goodies will be released sooooon!

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