The Web of Things explained to your children!

At last! We eventually have a document that vulgarizes the Internet and the Web of Things, oh JOY! I’ll be able to illustrate to mom/sister/grand children (I’ll have to wait a while for that though ;-)) what I’ve been doing for the last 7 years of my life without having them go like: “hmmm oooookayyyyyy”! The one and only problem: the article is in … French.

When Olivier Lascar, from Science et Vie Junior asked if I would be interested in participating to an article about the Internet of Things targeted towards teens I just couldn’t resist, especially since, as a kid, I never missed an issue of the magazine! A couple of interviews hours later and here we go: si vous parlez Français, je suis sur que vous allez comme moi aimer cet article. It is a savory mix between vulgarization and facts, something that anyone (I believe) can more or less relate to, with plenty of well picked examples. The magazine is still on sale (SVJ 268), so get a printed copy. If you can’t, SVJ provided us with a free PDF version for our readers: L’Internet des Objets, SVJ 268

Remarks and commentaires are very welcome, as comme toujours!

(Image Source: SVJ)

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  • This is great, I’m trying to translate the captions into English now.

    • How’s this?

      Freezer: I was thinking about defrosting today.

      Clock: Aren’t you supposed to have left the house already by this time?

      Faucet: I dripped all night!  You should call the plumber.

      Toaster: Do not give me too big a toast toast, this time, eh?

      Cooking utensils: I remind you that you have not eaten any greens for three days.

      Washing machine: And my clothes? Who’s going to extend it?  (I don’t understand French washing machines.)

      • Hi Marshall! Now that’s a pretty awesome translation. I’m sure you have some French roots somewhere (how about translating the whole article? Just kidding!)

        Btw, extending cloth I guess coz French people tend not to use tumble dryers but rather put their wet cloth outside and let it dry the old school way…so genuine! 🙂

  • Jean

    Excellent article !
    Du coup, je commence enfin à comprendre ce que tu fais… 😉

  • bien vu la vulgarisation ! 🙂 Thanks for providing this to us, I’ll make sure to share it 😉

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