Our Workshop Presentation @ SXSW 2010

We just finished our Web of Things workshop @ SXSW 2010. A really impressive conference room (or should I say football-field…) with great, very enthusiastic, awake people and a great host!

Thanks to you all for coming. Thanks for your feedbacks Let’s continue the discussion here and on Twitter #webofthings.

You’ll find the slides below and the doggy bag here.

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  • Olivier

    Any possibility to have you present your work at the HEIG-VD, in the context of a Master course on ubiquitous and social computing? We’re meeting every Thursday afternoon!

    • sure, we’d love to! let’s find a time that would fit as soon as we’re back in zurich.

  • Thanks for interesting presentation slides. Learned new things about the subject, thanks to you.

  • @Olivier: sounds like a good idea, why not! Additionally, it would be a great excuse to see you again and conceptualize about the WoT together! Feel free to contact us about available/possible slots.

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  • Interesting presentation slides, and aligned with how we are thinking about things. We recently launched a push-based, notification/eventing service – Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service). Check out http://aws.amazon.com/sns – would love to hear your thoughts and input as we continue to expand our functionality and support more protocols/transports.

  • Thanks for that SharadS,

    SNS sounds like a promissing approach, I like the idea of being able to delegate the tedious work of maintaining a scalable Web-oriented message queue to an external service provider.

    We’ll look into it (I actually have a project right now where SNS could really fit) and possibly blog about our experiences!