WOT white paper

That’s what we can call sporadic posting, lots of goodies today 🙂

But the best of them is the WOT whitepaper, about the general vision. It’s short, a little geeky, but has the vision and motivation in it. In a few words we hope people can a little better understand what the WOT is all about.

We plan to do a few more of those guys, in particular the elevator pitch for business people, and another one like a tech report for total geeks (guess which one we prefer), but for now it’s an initial milestone that should at least help spread our vision.

Send us please your comments, and we’ll hopefully improve it much more in the future version (I feel like it’s still very geeky). Indeed, I think the hardest part of WoT is the communication and the positioning of WoT, i.e. what it is, what is it good for, and how to use it. Help us spread the word and ideas, send it all around the world.

Here the WOT white paper

Update: As Stefano proposed, here is the embeddable version, Thanks!
Web of Things whitepaper v1

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  • SpaceTimeContinuum

    Very cool paper! 🙂

  • Might be clear but still wanted to make it explicit, this is in now way a means to limit the vision of WOT but rather a short summary of the concepts at the root of our (the WOT community+you+us) Web of Things.

    Enjoy, looking forward to your comments!

    Next one to come: a WOT technical white paper for geeks, already started that one!


  • Roger

    would love to see this stuff mixed with linkeddata.
    i think that is the missing piece for WOT right now.

    • good point, Roger, thanks for that! We have that in mind, but for now there are more important priorities. The fact that the Web of things is totally just the Web, but with things doesn’t prevent at all to merge these things. Ideas and links on that welcome 🙂 It’s just that we want to avoid going too much into semantic web at this moment, which is already the focus of w3c anyway 🙂

  • augustin

    Hello Vlad

    What’s the web of thing. Do you want help for a better definiton?


  • Very interesting! Vlad, why don’t you publish it through scribd.com, so that we can embedded the document in our sites as reference?

    Thank you.

    • haha, thanks Gus for the help! I guess we’ll come up with a better definition soon 🙂