Research plan for Pervasive 2009

Folks, I’m currently drafting my final research plan for my phd based on the input I got from various sources (thanks to all who helped me with that). That reminds me that I actually went to Japan to publish my initial research plan, and as it’s under press anyway, I put it here so that you can read all read it (and YES, give me more feedback about it).

Of course, the current one is so much better (and I’m soo modest), but anyway it contains some scientific basis of my current research so that you have a better idea of what’s going on behind the WOT curtains.

Download it here!

I tried to find it online with all the official stuff, but didn’t find anything about it yet, so here’s the .bib if you want to quote it.

Address = {Nara, Japan},
Author = {Vlad Trifa},
Booktitle = {Adjunct Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Pervasive Computing},
Month = {May},
Title = {Towards an Open Infrastructure for Fast Prototyping Applications on the Web of Things},
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