Towards an Advertising Business Model for Composable Web Services

Michiaki Tatsubori from IBM presents: Towards an Advertising Business Model for Composable Web Services.

Internet advertising is still really growing, slowly advertisers drift from traditional media like TV to the web where customization is more accessible.

Michiaki presents an example of a mashup service that consume several public transportation timetables to enable users querying a single tool to go from one point to the other.

He explains how this type of mashups actually kill the ads (and thus an important source of revenue for service providers) since the ads displayed for the composing services do not appear in the final mashup anymore. His solution is to create a contract between the mashups tools (e.g. Yahoo Pipes) and service providers. As a consequence the mashup of two services would also display the ads of each service. He further elaborates on the implementation of such a system and talks about a language construct to support it (see the paper for more details) and shows a concrete example for the Spot-to-Spot transit guide, the public transporation mashup he mentionned earlier.

He explains how this type of “contract” could also help to solve the issues of content “scraping” for instance by Google News. This way, the original editor (e.g. the Times) could still make money out of content displayed by Google News.

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