Remash! – Blueprints for RESTful Situational Web Applications

Remash! By Benjamin Blau, Steffen Lamparter and Steffen Haak,

Steffen Haak is providing us with some blueprints for RESTful apps. He starts with a number of principles:
1) Resource oriented architectures -> services should expose data instead of functionality
2) Lightweight composition and flexible binding -> services should be re-composables
3) Mass collaboration, customization and perpetual beta -> ability to share the compositions.

Steffen then explains how these principles were applied against a number of tools (e.g. Yahoo Pipes, etc.) to evaluate them. They identified three types of shortcomings:
1) Integration -> rather hard to integrate third-party services, not already available in the library.
2) Robustness -> most mashup editors do not allow robust composition
3) Collaboration -> the sharing of mashups is often lacking flexibility.

Thus, Steffen proposes using blueprints to solve these three shortcomings. Blueprints are some kinds of design patterns, in the case of mashups these blueprints specify the rough type of composition you want to achieve (tagging and then mapping and then…). According to Steffen these blueprints could then be re-used to build mashups in a more formalized way.

Steffen and his team proposes an approach going toward a specification blueprints, he then shows a prototypical realization of a graphical blueprint planner as well as an adequate architecture design that enables mass collaboration and a policy language. Finally they analyze the performance issues
performance issues that may arise during real-time validation.

A seemingly interesting paper, definitely research-oriented, which I will check to understand the details and invite you to do so as well.

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