LIFT workshop SOLD OUT!

Thanks to all the marvellous folks who signed up for our workshop @ LIFT. It’s been sold out for many days, yet people keep asking to join in desperately. We wish of course to have all of them join in, but as we want to make them all attendees work and think hard, we have decided to limit how many people join in to 25. That way we can ensure that people can work in small groups and be all productive. We have printed special badges for a special purpose (you’ll know why at the workshop), a couple more than the 25 (hint: 40 is MUCH more than 25), so even if you’re not registered you might join in. BUT, this will be only on a first come first served basis, so if you’re not there before 9:30 sharp, a sleazy fellow might very well take your seat!

We’re totally ready to have a major blast at our workshop and LIFT! See you there! If you’re around just ping us for chat/drinks.

See also our own LIFT workshop page, where we’ll keep track of all what concerns the workshop. Including the final report when it’s ready!

See the Workshop Program (PDF).

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