Cudrefin02 on Plogg

Koudos for Dom’s hard work, whose energy monitoring project made it on the ploggs new page. Awesome work he’s done with REST-enabling the ploggs. Even better, we’re soon gonna ploggify our work environment and offices which is an awesome step towards a RESTful ecosystem of devices where we’ll be able to play around. The only problem is that ploggs guys only gave us a windows DLL as an API to play with the ploggs which makes it hard (I mean impossible) to access plogg with a mac or a linux. Let’s hope we’ll soon get something smoother to read ploggs.

Oh, by the way, does anyone know anything about a cooler and cheaper alternative to ploggs? I mean not that we don’t like them, but they’re still quite expensive, and somewhat not enough mac- (okay dom, linux-) friendly, so cheaper, smaller, sexier version would do good!

We’re working hard (okay not that hard) to get this site up and running (hope you don’t mind the bubble wrap all around the site, will be cleaned up soon). Oh and thanks a lot Mathias for this, ahem, colorful design.

Yes, we’ll put some videos soon on youtube, so that you can check it out the sexy stuff we’ve doing lately (not sure we wanna share that… okay just kindding)!

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