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Cudrefin02 on Plogg 2

Cudrefin02 on Plogg

Koudos for Dom’s hard work, whose energy monitoring project made it on the ploggs new page. Awesome work he’s done with REST-enabling the ploggs. Even better, we’re soon gonna ploggify our work environment and offices which is an awesome step towards a RESTful ecosystem of devices where we’ll be able to play around. The only problem is that ploggs guys only gave us a windows DLL as an API to play with the ploggs which makes it hard (I mean impossible) to access plogg with a mac or a linux. Let’s hope we’ll soon get something smoother to read ploggs....


Are you Energy-Efficient? Sense it the Web Way!

Just felt like sharing with you one of our latest prototype which we created for a private foundation working in the field of energy awareness and sustainability in Switzerland called Cudrefin02. I think that a major burden for people, who want to save energy at home, is for them to identify how much energy is consumed by different appliances. How much does my computer consume in operation / when it is powered off? Is the consumption of my energy-saving lamp significantly lower in the long run than the normal lamp I’ve got there? Such questions are key to understand where...