Tikitag now becomes touchatag

Our friends from tikitag, just rolled out their new website (and name, and applications, …). The had copyright issues with the older name so now they are touchatag. I have to admit tikitag was a way better name than touchatag (no offense), as this new name actually makes me think of feldpausch in terms of sex appeal (maybe it’s just me). I have been playing with their readers for quite some time, and find them quite cute and easy to use. Maybe I’d like to see more open code to use their reader from different languages (I just have some raw C code, java would be good to read directly from it, anyone got something? Don’t feel like redoing that from scratch).

The coolest things is that now it also supports 2D barcodes. I’m not so sure where the guys are heading in terms of business model, because the ideas I have in my head to use tikit.. erhmmm… toughatag do not really use their services (if I take a QR code snapshot with a random mobile phone and software and go to the encoded page, where would I need touchatag???). In any way, I’m looking forward to check more their stuff (I like the idea of redirecting tags to urls.. . for example to devices… 😀 more to follow on that soon).

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