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Web of Things Session at PICNIC ’09 – Call for Demos 573

Web of Things Session at PICNIC ’09 – Call for Demos

We finally received the green light to organize a special session at PICNIC on the 24th September in Amsterdam. It will entitled “New Innovation Models for the Web of Things“, and here is the abstract: The popularity of open source hardware and software, along with the openness and sharing ideals behind Web 2.0, is transforming the creation and manufacturing process for consumer devices. As more and more tiny computers are being connected to the Web, new methods and tools are needed to create applications that leverage the connectedness of the physical world. Unlike the Internet of Things where the focus...

Tikitag now becomes touchatag 3,555

Tikitag now becomes touchatag

Our friends from tikitag, just rolled out their new website (and name, and applications, …). The had copyright issues with the older name so now they are touchatag. I have to admit tikitag was a way better name than touchatag (no offense), as this new name actually makes me think of feldpausch in terms of sex appeal (maybe it’s just me). I have been playing with their readers for quite some time, and find them quite cute and easy to use. Maybe I’d like to see more open code to use their reader from different languages (I just have some...

Liveblog – Internet des Objets workshop 3,615

Liveblog – Internet des Objets workshop

Today, Dominique and I went to Sierre for a meeting on the Internet of Things. It was hosted by at the technoark at Sierre and their activities. It’s a startup incubator with around 10 statups working on ICTs. Daniel Kaplan introduced the IoT. Cameras are a rich sensors that shall be integrated, on top of which different applications could be run (motion and people recognition). The Web came out from its virtual world and is integrating real objects. This brought us to the concept of cities? It’s about public places and the notion of information sharing, who is able to...