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Dear all,
In the middle of our thesis-writing, we gave an interview on the Web of Things to the american Discover magazine for a special issue on the invisible earth. The interview just got published and I wanted to share some thoughts about it with you.

Actually it was a really fun interview and came out as a really fun article. No rocket science but a funny, critical and futuristic look at the Internet of Things and the evolution towards the Web of Things. Beyond the fact that David H. Freedman (the author) definitely masters the art of vulgarization, he was asking me a tricky question about half-way in the interview:

What are the killer apps of the Internet/Web of Things?

A simple and not exactly rare question, so I came up with a number of traditional answers taken from our previous work and prototypes such as: drastically simplifying home automation and expending the cross-devices possibilities, making end-user things programming a reality, allowing (real-time) and tracking of every goods on the planet, making cities/transportation/agriculture smarter, linking objects and people through social networks, finding your keys anywhere in the world, etc, etc.

I also gave him a number of links to great startups in the field and briefly described some of their products: Evrythng, IoBridge, ThingWorx,, Koubachi, Mirasense, OpenPicus, the Sun Spot crew, etc, etc, etc!

No way! He was still not finding a true killer app in those. My take is that although the world is almost ready for the Web of Things, we (as a community) still have to get a bit more down to earth, thinking beyond platforms about very simple use-cases that we can implement today already and that people can relate to.
Suggestions anyone? Let’s kick off the discussion! 🙂

Enjoy the article online as well:

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The Internet and the Web of Things

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