Talk at Liip

Oh, that’s a good topic to start the new year (a little late okay)! Happy new year anyway!

We just gave a talk on the Web of Things, over at the folks from liip, a cool swiss Web development company with whom we share common interests (i.e. making the Web cooler). The slides of the talk are online: intro & demo (@Dom: put your slides here dude, UPDATE: It’s down there dude! :-)). Too many things to present in such a short time, but we hope this would lead to further discussions (and hopefully collaborations) with Web developers, to learn and create new things together. We are working hard to release at some point some code and examples, just a little more debugging.

Sorry for the low activity these days, but you know, Christmas, new year, and some hardcore paper deadlines very soon (as in tomorrow). Things will become more regular soon.

UPDATE: Let’s just do like everybody, we put it on slideshare, and we’ll do so for all presentations from now on!

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