Awesome news!

All the medias in the world are talking about it, but we didn’t yet. We have an awesome announcement to.. well.. announce. Last week while Dom was busy eating churros and discussing about twittering chimpanzees, he was also preparing to go to a little village in Switzerland because he was told to go there for Energissima.

But why?

Because his project Energie Visible has won the Jade Nature award (and 10k chf with it), out of 20 other selected projects! The Jade Nature award recompenses an innovating project in the area of sustainability and protection of the environment. And that’s cool.

That’s awesome news, Dom, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It’s very encouraging for our work, and it clearly shows that we’re on the right track to make something so much bigger. If you all clap hands and do a standing ovation for the awesomeness of Dom, we’ll tell you more about it.

Read about it here, or here, or here.

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