Energie Visible: Live and Free!

After being asked by several members of WoT the community and beyond to release the Energie Visible prototype, we finally managed to find the time to package it and now give it for free on the Web! To recap: the Energie Visible project aims at making the your energy consumption … visible!

We created a page to host the application, you’ll find the latest version and additional info there.

Note that it currently only works with the Bluetooth Ploggs and on Windows (XP or later).

The bundle you download there basically contains two applications. First is contains a Web of Things Gateway for the Ploggs (written in C++) which is discovering the Ploggs and making them available through a RESTful interface. Then, it contains a Web UI and datastore based on the great Google Web Toolkit and on the wonderful RESTlet.

The bundle contains the binaries but not the source code. If you are interested in getting the source code please contact us.

We hope you’ll enjoy the software! Note that it is provided “as is” without support. However, you are very welcome to use this blog entry to post your comments, bugs reports or feature requests.

EnergieVisible screenshot

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