Web of Things is a Trend!

Like it or not, the “Web of Things” first appeared last month on Google Trends.

As a recap, Google Trends only shows trends for search terms (or combinations of terms) when the volume of single queries becomes interesting enough (i.e. big enough).

Google Trends for Web of Things

Note that, of course, the trend for the “Web of Things” is not as big yet as the one from his mother “Internet of Thing”, but it is growing (IoT is in blue, WoT in red)
Internet of Things, Web of Things trends

This means that the popularity around WoT is growing and so is the hype. Let’s just makes sure it’s not only a hype and that it also roots on some solid ground that will, one day, make the world of “real things” truly part of the beautiful World Wide Web.

For that we need to do that thing Dilbert calls: “work” (thanks to Vlad for that one):
Dilbert: work

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