Homecamp anyone?

We’ll be going (okay, I’ll be going) to homecamp this saturday in London and hopefully present a quick and dirty demo of what we’re currently doing a with some real devices. Of course, we were supposed to have the LHC with us and a crew of flash programmers to do a kick ass-demo. But we didn’t. So I’ll just bring a “work in progress fast prototype” of what we have currently to show the potentials of WOT (such as some rfid-enabled websites, a physical mashup of energy consumption, and some curl to get data from sensor nets). There were supposed to be many other things, but I had no time to doo al that, so it’s gonne be quick.

If you want to know more, just come, and read our MEM paper. I’ll be posting soon what I present there. I can’t wait to be there, and meet all these cool people! Given what I read about the first one, it’s gonna be awesome!

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