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EPC Cloud: Simplifying the Internet of Things Thanks to Web Patterns: HTML 5 Websockets (Part 2/3)

Part 1: Cloud & REST | Part 2: HTML5 WebSockets | Part 3: Physical Mashups In a recent post, we were explaining how in a project common to MIT and ETH Zurich, we simplified deployments of IoT applications based on the EPC Global standards. We operated this simplification by applying four of the Web of Things patterns: Cloud Computing, RESTful Interface, Real-Time Web and Physical Mashups. In the first related post we described how we used Cloud Computing and RESTful Interfaces. It is now time to talk a little bit more about one of the other pattern: the Real-Time Web.

Homecamp anyone? 16

Homecamp anyone?

We’ll be going (okay, I’ll be going) to homecamp this saturday in London and hopefully present a quick and dirty demo of what we’re currently doing a with some real devices. Of course, we were supposed to have the LHC with us and a crew of flash programmers to do a kick ass-demo. But we didn’t. So I’ll just bring a “work in progress fast prototype” of what we have currently to show the potentials of WOT (such as some rfid-enabled websites, a physical mashup of energy consumption, and some curl to get data from sensor nets). There were supposed...

Using REST on SunSPOTs 3

Using REST on SunSPOTs

This post is the second in this series where we try to describe some of the concrete projects we are working on right now. The ultimate goal of the project was to create a smart logger that could be attached to shipments in order to monitor them while being transported or through their life-cycle, sort of a “ueber-RFID”. Of course, we wanted to use the REST principles in order to fully integrate the smart logger to the Web as well as to be able easily build applications on top of the logger. As smart loggers, we use the Sun SPOT...