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Getting Started with the Internet of Things Book

Our friends from Oberon microsystems (who designed yaler), just released a tech book (just like we love) about they experience with hacking around the Internet of Things. The book called “Getting Started with the Internet of Things” which is publish by our favorite nerditors O’Reilly Media is available in PDF and paper, and is written by Cuno Pfister.


Architecting the Internet of Things has a Book

Dear readers, First of all let us apologize for the infrequent posts. We are both in “final PhD writing mode” which is a rather time-consuming activity right in a time where the Web of Things is getting a real hot topic! 😉 Hence, only a small post to point you to a book. In an earlier post, we presented the Web of Things cookbook, which is in fact part of a book that just got published called: “Architecting the Internet of Things”.


Big data and smart cities

I didn’t blog much in the last months as I was fortunate enough to spend the second half of 2010 as a researcher at the MIT SENSEable City Lab. I spent most of my time working on the LIVE Singapore! project (and living between Boston and Singapore), in particular exploring the “so what?” aspect of WoT – that is how to actually build something useful on top of all these sensors. This project is very timely and matches wonderfully with what’s happening right now in the data.gov and smart cities spheres.


lift@hackerspace – UrbanIOT

A little while ago took place the lift@hackerspace workshop, which was the second part of the Urban-IoT 2010 workshop that took place on November 29, in Tokyo, Japan. The Urban-IoT workshop aimed to bring together experts from various areas related to smart cities to present and discuss their research in a formal, academic context. As a follow-up, the lift@hackerspace event served to deepen the conversations in a more relaxed environment context, where the various participants could explore some of the main topics and challenges that emerged during the formal session, in an open discussion format among a couple of focus...


Web of Things Cook-book!

Lately we’ve been quite busy working on different book-chapters. As we finalized one of them I wanted to share it with you. This chapter is the draft version (before final edition as this is the one we are actually allowed to publish here, for the final version you should buy the book!) of a chapter the “Architecting the Internet of Things” book, edited by Mark Harrison, Florian Michahelles and Dieter Uckelmann.

Urban-IOT soon (and program ready) – join us in Tokyo! 3,873

Urban-IOT soon (and program ready) – join us in Tokyo!

We have been working hard to finalize the program of the Urban-IOT workshop that will take place very soon in Tokyo. In addition to a classic workshop with paper presentations and demos, we have prepared a second part, that will change your perception of what an academic workshop would look like. As we didn’t receive any industrial funding, we are sorry to say that we couldn’t afford to invite the people we had planned for a keynote (yeah, seems like industries aren’t interested in this topic… yet…). But no worries, we’ll use this time to hack and work! From 3...

Web of Things is a Trend! 2,665

Web of Things is a Trend!

Like it or not, the “Web of Things” first appeared last month on Google Trends. As a recap, Google Trends only shows trends for search terms (or combinations of terms) when the volume of single queries becomes interesting enough (i.e. big enough). Note that, of course, the trend for the “Web of Things” is not as big yet as the one from his mother “Internet of Thing”, but it is growing (IoT is in blue, WoT in red) This means that the popularity around WoT is growing and so is the hype. Let’s just makes sure it’s not only a...

LIFT workshop SOLD OUT! 4,365

LIFT workshop SOLD OUT!

Thanks to all the marvellous folks who signed up for our workshop @ LIFT. It’s been sold out for many days, yet people keep asking to join in desperately. We wish of course to have all of them join in, but as we want to make them all attendees work and think hard, we have decided to limit how many people join in to 25. That way we can ensure that people can work in small groups and be all productive. We have printed special badges for a special purpose (you’ll know why at the workshop), a couple more than...

David Oban talks about OpenSpime and WideSpime Internet of Things. 2,715

David Oban talks about OpenSpime and WideSpime Internet of Things.

David Oban talks about OpenSpime, an open Internet of Things. The Trend Cisco is forming the Internet Smart Object alliance, which promotes the used of IP in Networks of Smart Objects not long after this announcement they also acquired Jabber to extend their knowledge in messaging. The EU is organizing a number of Internet of Things workshops, thus it seems like the IoT is becoming a reality not sci-fi anymore. Spime Application Space Spime is the contraction of SPace and tIME. It’s about a new category of objects aware of their surroundings. As an example CO2 Spime collects the CO2...