Web of Things Cook-book!

Lately we’ve been quite busy working on different book-chapters. As we finalized one of them I wanted to share it with you. This chapter is the draft version (before final edition as this is the one we are actually allowed to publish here, for the final version you should buy the book!) of a chapter the “Architecting the Internet of Things” book, edited by Mark Harrison, Florian Michahelles and Dieter Uckelmann.

Quite an interesting book filled with chapters on how to make the Internet of Things a reality, ranging form how to build the infrastructure to how to make it profitable. The book will be published very soon by Springer and we’ll make sure to update you whenever it’s out!

Meanwhile please enjoy the draft of our chapter, which is basically something we wanted to come up with for a long time: a cook-book on how to implement the Web of Things in your daily prototypes and/or products. This chapter was written in a way that it is accessible to a broad range of people not necessarily familiar with the core of modern Web-technologies.

Writing it was a nice adventure from us as we co-authored it with two of our mentors: Erik Wilde who ensured that the “Web-touch” was accurate, and Fridemann Mattern, one of the fathers of the Internet of Things, who made sure the “IoT-touch” made sense!

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