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Gateway unleashed! 1

Gateway unleashed!

I’ve presented yesterday in Los Angeles a talk on the gateways I’ve been talking about for months. Okay, actually I didn’t physically present it for logistical reasons, as I’m totally in Europe. But the paper is supposed to be out in the proceedings, so I thought I should share it with you. For now still not much code to play with 🙁 Read the abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks provide unprecedented possibilities for monitoring and interacting with the real-world. Unfortunately, the lack of open and simple standards for ad-hoc collaboration between heterogeneous embedded devices makes it difficult to build large-scale deployments;...

Research plan for Pervasive 2009 0

Research plan for Pervasive 2009

Folks, I’m currently drafting my final research plan for my phd based on the input I got from various sources (thanks to all who helped me with that). That reminds me that I actually went to Japan to publish my initial research plan, and as it’s under press anyway, I put it here so that you can read all read it (and YES, give me more feedback about it). Of course, the current one is so much better (and I’m soo modest), but anyway it contains some scientific basis of my current research so that you have a better idea...

Open Energy Monitor 2

Open Energy Monitor

From the original website: This is a project to develop and build a free and open source energy monitor. Energy monitoring is a key technology in building a bright and smart sustainable future. An Energy monitor is a device that enables you to look at your energy use in detail, which appliances use the most energy and when they use it. This makes using energy more efficiently easier. Definitely a cool initiative and I would love seeing more projects like this one.

WoT keynote (and clones :) 3

WoT keynote (and clones :)

I never know if I need to be happy or sad when I see other people mentioning WoT. Don’t get me wrong: I’m totally happy to see people pushing forward the same ideas we have here, make them better, build upon them and reuse them for their own projects. One year ago, most people I talked to were like “aha, use web on devices…. but why? Why not use something made for devices?”. It didn’t sound right at that time, but when you think about a world of web enabled devices, then you can see tons of bulbs turning on....

WOT white paper 7

WOT white paper

That’s what we can call sporadic posting, lots of goodies today 🙂 But the best of them is the WOT whitepaper, about the general vision. It’s short, a little geeky, but has the vision and motivation in it. In a few words we hope people can a little better understand what the WOT is all about. We plan to do a few more of those guys, in particular the elevator pitch for business people, and another one like a tech report for total geeks (guess which one we prefer), but for now it’s an initial milestone that should at least...

Talk at UNI lugano 0

Talk at UNI lugano

A couple of weeks back, we gave a talk with Dom at the University of Lugano. Besides, being a lovely cosy university in a wonderful place, we had a great time discussing with Cesare Pautasso and his colleague Francesco Lelli, a physicist working at CERN and Uni. Lugano. We had an interesting discussion with Francesco, who is specialized in grid computing, and he told us how they have used REST at CERN. The main ideas are summarized in these papers: [1] F. Lelli and C. Pautasso The Tiny Instrument Element Project In proc of 4th International Conference on Grid and...

Home 2.0 – Volume 1 – Overview 3

Home 2.0 – Volume 1 – Overview

I would like to share in this post one of my fetishistic passion: the subtle combination of perverse interior design (read slick, minimalist, a la Apple) and high-tech home automation. In contrast to the depiction of the house of the future in science fiction (see the Monstanto house videos hereafter), I actually didn’t see many home automation solutions that people like you and me can (or would) buy. That Jetsonian ideal of an all automated, fully-networked smart house remains what you see at fairs, not in a house. Domotics are not yet main stream products you find at Best Buy (or...

Homecamp recap 1

Homecamp recap

As mentioned in some previous post, I attended a couple of weeks ago homecamp in London. The event was awesome and I had good times discussing with the folks over there. I loved the un-conference form as it allows people to show up, set up a demo (like I did ), do a talk (like I did). On the other hand, as it is very chaotic we don’t really know what’s going on and when. I wished to have had the opportunity to discuss more in detail with the people in a more relaxed way, though. Thanks for the organizers...

LOCA2009 – Selected talks series 0

LOCA2009 – Selected talks series

Yep, that’s right, selected just for you! Oh forgot to tell you about the little present we got from IBM, a travel alarm clock and body fat analyzer in one! Never seen that combination in a single device yet (and this little jerk machine reminds me sadly that I should really do some more sports). Sadly no iphone/nike iPod connectivity yet 😉 Improving Location Fingerprinting through Motion Detection and Asynchronous Interval Labeling – Philipp Bolliger (ETH Zurich, CH); Kurt Partridge (PARC, US); Maurice Chu (PARC, US); Marc Langheinrich (University of Lugano (USI), CH) My ETH colleague Philipp Bolliger started with...

LOCA 09 – Live from Shibuya 0

LOCA 09 – Live from Shibuya

I’m live blogging from the International Symposium on Location and Context Awareness (LOCA2009) in Shibuya, Tokyo (Japan, just in case). What a lovely venue. After seeting my laptop in an overly heated room (or totally un-air-conditionned). It’s around 80°C right now. The keynote was by Atsushi Shionozaki, the CTO from Koozyt (which comes from virtual and real merging), a spinoff from the SONY CSL, based on the PlaceEngine. It’s a location engine that uses WiFi signals to locate yourself. There are two types of PlaceEngine: online and offline. They have a DB of 1 mio access points, which takes about...