Yaler 1.0 released

We’re happy to announce that our friends at Oberon Microsystems have released the first open version of yaler (reverse of relay). The have made an excellent impression at our WoT2010 workshop by showing a demo of an essential building block for building an infrastructure for the Web of Things. In two words it’s a server to which embedded devices can initiate an HTTP connection, which will be kept open. Using the reversehttp protocol, notifications can be send anytime from the server to any device connected to yaler, even when behind a firewall or NAT.

From to the official website:

A few lines of code make your embedded or mobile device accessible, no matter if it’s behind a firewall, a NAT or a mobile network gateway. Publishing your web service through the Yaler REST API requires just a TCP Socket and some basic HTTP. On the client side a standard Web browser is all it takes to remotely monitor and control your device.

Download yaler with hg clone http://hg.yaler.org/yaler or download it as a ZIP file. Definitely worth a try! We’re looking forward to what they’ll come up with next.

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