Web Enablement of Sensor Networks: INSS 2009

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People have been asking for more “scientific” and concrete material to be posted on WOT. Hence this post which is about a paper that we got accepted for INSS 2009 here is a summary of what it talks about:

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have promising industrial applications, since they reduce the gap between traditional enterprise systems and the real world. However, every particular application requires complex integration work, and therefore technical expertise, effort and time which prevents users from creating small tactical, ad-hoc applications using sensor networks. Following the success of Web 2.0  “mashups”, we propose a similar lightweight approach for combining enterprise services (e.g. ERPs) with WSNs. Specifically, we discuss the traditional integration solutions, propose and implement an alternative architecture where sensor nodes are accessible according to the REST principles. With this approach, the nodes become part of a “Web of Things” and interacting with them as well as composing their services with existing ones, becomes almost as easy as browsing the web.

The paper is focusing on comparing (rather qualitatively) WS-* service with a more RESTful approach. It then presents in greater details our “RESTfication” of the Sun SPOTs WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) platform.

For more info, download the paper here!


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