Healing the WoT Feed!

Dear readers,

A few days ago we missed being listed here because our feed was ill (a weird, non ASCII char appeared in one of the posts)!

I gave it some steroids and while at it moved it to an Atom feed. For a RESTifarian community as such as ours, it was somewhat weird to actually support RSS and not Atom and its great, RESTful, AtomPub protocol.

Now, since I moved the default Atom, subscribed members might have some problems, many (only?) in the case they use a bad feed client.
Thus if you suddenly are not able to see the webofthings.com feed anymore (then you probably won’t read this message, hem) you might want to register to this, old-fashioned, RSS 2 feed, or get a proper reader.

Plus, you shall also comment this post to tell us how unhappy you are with this move to Atom as a default.
Yes, let’s make it political 🙂