LIFT Workshop – FULL (and cool!!)

We just finished our LIFT workshop, and it WAS GREAT! Tons of interesting people from all around joined us (too many of them, so sorry for those we had to throw out). We started with a short introduction by Alexandra, Dominique, and Me about the past and the future of the internet of things.

[Alex’s presentation coming soon] UPDATE: it’s here

Dom’s presentation: From the Internet of Things to a Web of Things

Vlad’s presentation

Then we gave tons of post-its to the people and asked them to write down keywords in there categories the “what” (objects, cats, bath soap, mobile, etc), the “where” (at work, in the office), the “who” (elderly, young people, travellers, etc).



After that we separated people into groups, each picked one post-it in each category and then go! Just go wild and propose a scenarios in the 50’s (2050). That was good fun!





Finally, tons of cool ideas were presented (to come in the next posts)! I think the workshop got out really well, and we hope some cool conversations to emerge from in the next months. For all who attended, please send us all your notes, drawings, etc about your project.

See all the pics of the workshop here.

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