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OpenPicus Community & FlyPort 3,406

OpenPicus Community & FlyPort

The OpenPicus community released a wi-fi module called FlyPort. It is a small device that uses the Microchip PIC24F (256K Flash+16K Ram, 16Mips@32Mhz) and MRF24WB0MA/RM WI-FI certified module. FlyPort runs a wireless Stack (TCP/IP version 5.25 from Microchip) and has a 26 Pin connector for easy prototyping. Applications and libraries are open source and can be freely downloaded from the openpicus website. Programmers have full control of the wi-fi module, thus the Flyport can act as tiny Web server and client that can directly interact with other Web resources directly, without requiring a gateway. Besides, this project has a social...

Internet developers day – part 1 2,588

Internet developers day – part 1

I was invited today at the Internet Developer summit (#devkon) (thanks for the invite Reto), to present our vision and work on the Web of Things. I’ll try to blog as much as I can because it’s a lot of tips & tricks for internet developers, and the program is juicy. Sorry for the random notes, hopefully it’s usable enough (not only it was great so I had to listen, but I also had to translate from german, so please be kind). Real-Time Web: Technische Standards und Herausforderungen Jürg Stucker (@jstucker), CEO Namics. Find more about the talk & slides here...

Our Workshop Presentation @ SXSW 2010 2,752

Our Workshop Presentation @ SXSW 2010

We just finished our Web of Things workshop @ SXSW 2010. A really impressive conference room (or should I say football-field…) with great, very enthusiastic, awake people and a great host! Thanks to you all for coming. Thanks for your feedbacks Let’s continue the discussion here and on Twitter #webofthings. You’ll find the slides below and the doggy bag here. Web of Things – Connecting People and Objects on the Web View more presentations from Dominique Guinard.

IP-based Sensor Networks 3,105

IP-based Sensor Networks

J.P. Vasseur from Cisco (IETF ROLL co-chair, IPSO tab chair) and Adam Dunkels have written a book on IP-based sensor networks called Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP – The Next Internet. The book covers IP-based sensor networks from the link layer and up, and covers network architecture (IPv6, transport, web services, …), technology (RPL routing, 6lowpan IPv6 802.15.4 adaptation, hardware, software, uIP,…), and applications (smart grid, industrial automation, home automation, smart cities, …). The foreword is written by Vint Cerf. The book will be available in June 2010, but is already available for preorder from amazon. This is great news...

Web of Things Session at PICNIC ’09 – Call for Demos 307

Web of Things Session at PICNIC ’09 – Call for Demos

We finally received the green light to organize a special session at PICNIC on the 24th September in Amsterdam. It will entitled “New Innovation Models for the Web of Things“, and here is the abstract: The popularity of open source hardware and software, along with the openness and sharing ideals behind Web 2.0, is transforming the creation and manufacturing process for consumer devices. As more and more tiny computers are being connected to the Web, new methods and tools are needed to create applications that leverage the connectedness of the physical world. Unlike the Internet of Things where the focus...

CFP – First international workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2010) 2,618

CFP – First international workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2010)

The first WoT workshop is still out, so prepare your submissions, because we have assembled an exceptional committee to discuss this essential topic! Check out the official workshop website. -= CALL FOR PAPERS =- First International Workshop the Web of Things (WoT 2010) in conjunction with the 8th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2010), Mannheim, Germany Website: http://www.webofthings.com/wot/2010 Paper submission deadline: October 18, 2009 November 15, 2009 Notification of acceptance: December 21, 2009 Camera-ready papers due: January 29, 2010 The world of embedded devices has experienced radical changes over the past few years as real-world objects...

Talk at UNI lugano 2,346

Talk at UNI lugano

A couple of weeks back, we gave a talk with Dom at the University of Lugano. Besides, being a lovely cosy university in a wonderful place, we had a great time discussing with Cesare Pautasso and his colleague Francesco Lelli, a physicist working at CERN and Uni. Lugano. We had an interesting discussion with Francesco, who is specialized in grid computing, and he told us how they have used REST at CERN. The main ideas are summarized in these papers: [1] F. Lelli and C. Pautasso The Tiny Instrument Element Project In proc of 4th International Conference on Grid and...

On REST for devices 3,386

On REST for devices

One things that I don’t understand, is that most people in our field do not really like our approach, or maybe they simply don’t get it. Indeed, we’re kind of stuck between several worlds: wireless sensor networks (WSN) people that find our approach too esoteric, and HCI people that find it not enough sexy. It is a bit annoying, as people don’t take us very seriously, especially not WSN researcher. I overheard comments like “What? You want to use the Web to connect devices? hahaha! I can’t stop laughing, haha it hurts me! Come on, be serious dude! Using the...

LIFT workshop SOLD OUT! 3,919

LIFT workshop SOLD OUT!

Thanks to all the marvellous folks who signed up for our workshop @ LIFT. It’s been sold out for many days, yet people keep asking to join in desperately. We wish of course to have all of them join in, but as we want to make them all attendees work and think hard, we have decided to limit how many people join in to 25. That way we can ensure that people can work in small groups and be all productive. We have printed special badges for a special purpose (you’ll know why at the workshop), a couple more than...

Liveblog – Internet des Objets workshop 3,474

Liveblog – Internet des Objets workshop

Today, Dominique and I went to Sierre for a meeting on the Internet of Things. It was hosted by at the technoark at Sierre and their activities. It’s a startup incubator with around 10 statups working on ICTs. Daniel Kaplan introduced the IoT. Cameras are a rich sensors that shall be integrated, on top of which different applications could be run (motion and people recognition). The Web came out from its virtual world and is integrating real objects. This brought us to the concept of cities? It’s about public places and the notion of information sharing, who is able to...