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Web of Things Core Concepts Paper 2,477

Web of Things Core Concepts Paper

Together with Vlad and Erik Wilde, we’ve been trying since a while to write a scientific paper out of our common technical report that would sum up the founding concepts of the Web of Things. The paper finally got accepted for IoT 2010. This is a good sign because it emphasizes the fact that the Internet of Things community is now really looking into Web standards as a candidate common integration bus for the application layer of the physical world. A fact that did not really hold two years ago, when Erik’s attempt to publish a WoT paper at IoT...

Welcoming the Sun SPOTs to the Web of Things 1,669

Welcoming the Sun SPOTs to the Web of Things

It’s a known fact that we (or at least) love Sun SPOTs. Not the ones on the sun but the Sensor nodes developed by Sun Labs (now/soon Oracle Labs?) a couple of years ago. Speaking Java better than any language out there (including French ;-)), when the first fully-natively-java Wireless Sensor Nodes came out you can imagine my joy. Since then I can’t remember a paper we wrote that does not use Spots in its prototype! We worked quite a lot with them, created several stacks to make them “Web-enabled” and RESTful, to make them part of the Web of...

Interacting with Smart Objects: a Workshop 1,582

Interacting with Smart Objects: a Workshop

A few weeks ago we were talking about the importance of evaluating WoT applications with real-users as they might(/surely do) have expectations that are tremendously different to our geeky notion of what are useful applications of a Web of Things. Well today I wanted to share with you a venue that might go towards this directly as it is specifically looking at HCI and human aspects of smart things, enjoy the CFP: ========================================================== Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects at IUI 2011 Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA February 13th 2011 ========================================================== THEME ——- There is this undeniable ongoing...

Mashing Up our Web-Enabled Homes 2,336

Mashing Up our Web-Enabled Homes

Imagine every home appliance being 1) IPv6 enabled 2) RESTful, imagine the tools you could create on top of such an eco-system! In particular, imagine the idea of “physical mashups” becoming a reality in our homes sweet homes: creating simple, ad-hoc applications on top of your appliances as easily as you can create Web 2.0 (virtual) mashups nowadays. The dream of every hacker and tech-saavy? Well at least one of our dreams (and part of my Ph.D. by the way ;-))! Well a dream that we have been trying to demonstrate and implement lately. The outcome is two papers. In...

Web of Things @ SXSW 2011? 1,557

Web of Things @ SXSW 2011?

Some of you might remember/have attended our SXSW 2010 workshop. Well we enjoyed giving it so much that we decided to come up with two brand new proposals for this year’s SXSW! The Real-World as a Web API is our first proposal: The world of “physical devices” such as home appliances/electronics, real-time city data, RFID-tagged objects, mobile phones, etc. has long been longing for a seamless and universal integration platform. Out of a great number of heavy-and-not-so-great middleware a surprising one is emerging: the Web! In this presentation we would like to show how Web developers might well be the...

Prepare your submissions: Workshop on the Urban Internet of Things, Tokyo 152

Prepare your submissions: Workshop on the Urban Internet of Things, Tokyo

We are organizing the First International Workshop on the Urban Internet of Things at the IOT 2010 conference, at the end of this month, and we would love to invite you all to submitting a demo or a paper. Unlike the WoT2010 which brought together WoT researchers, we emphasize here concrete applications practical solutions that can be built on top of WoT. We particularly welcome real-world deployments that can highlight the plus/minuses of using WoT as infrastructure for a scalable urban-scale data collection and processing. We would like to bring closer practitioners in the area of smart cities (industries that...

Touch the Web 2010 @ ICWE 2010 1,628

Touch the Web 2010 @ ICWE 2010

A few days ago I had the chance to participate to the “touch the Web 2010” workshop. The goals of the workshop were rather similar to the ones of WoT 2010 however, rather than being hosted at a Ubicomp/Pervasive venue, Touch the Web was collocated with ICWE2010, a pure Web engineering conference. The most surprising fact was probably how close the two communities are getting. Web people are increasingly interested in embedded/physical/sensor computing, and on the other hand, pervasive people are getting more and more convinced that the Web protocols as not so bad after all (take this paper for...

Our Workshop Presentation @ SXSW 2010 1,906

Our Workshop Presentation @ SXSW 2010

We just finished our Web of Things workshop @ SXSW 2010. A really impressive conference room (or should I say football-field…) with great, very enthusiastic, awake people and a great host! Thanks to you all for coming. Thanks for your feedbacks Let’s continue the discussion here and on Twitter #webofthings. You’ll find the slides below and the doggy bag here. Web of Things – Connecting People and Objects on the Web View more presentations from Dominique Guinard.

When Things Will “Speak Web”: Invited Lecture at Lancaster University 2,453

When Things Will “Speak Web”: Invited Lecture at Lancaster University

A few days ago, I was kindly invited by Gerd Kortuem to give a lecture on the Web of Things for students of Lancaster University. The talk was given in frame of a “Software Innovation and Entrepreneurship” lecture. Thus, the students had both business and technical backgrounds. I quite enjoyed giving it especially since the students asked very relevant questions on aspects such as security, discovery, the real-time Web, etc. You can find a full recording (about 1.5 hours) of the lecture here, but you’ll need to install the plug-in to watch it (sorry about that!). Alternatively you can find...


Implementing a Social Web of Things

There are still many challenges to face towards a Web of Things: discovery, search, scalability, event driven interactions and sharing. For the last few month we’ve been focusing on the latter, because let’s face it: if you do not have a mechanism to share your Web-enabled things it is not really worth having them Web-enabled in the first place! Core to the Web of Things vision there is this idea of the physical world as a “composable ecosystem” where devices can be used and re-used simply to create emerging applications, i.e. physical mashups. Well, the success of Web mashups is...