Mashing Up our Web-Enabled Homes

Imagine every home appliance being 1) IPv6 enabled 2) RESTful, imagine the tools you could create on top of such an eco-system!
In particular, imagine the idea of “physical mashups” becoming a reality in our homes sweet homes: creating simple, ad-hoc applications on top of your appliances as easily as you can create Web 2.0 (virtual) mashups nowadays. The dream of every hacker and tech-saavy? Well at least one of our dreams (and part of my Ph.D. by the way ;-))!

Well a dream that we have been trying to demonstrate and implement lately. The outcome is two papers. In the first one, “Mashing up Your Web-Enabled Home”, presented at Touch The Web 2010 we especially look at the requirements for a home mashups and propose an early framework on which mashup editors can be easily built. We also illustrate the use of the framework and guidelines by means of two concrete mashup editors, one, WoT-a-Mashup built upon the nice Clickscript mashup tool, one built on Android that let’s you manage the energy consumption of your home from your smart-phone. More in the paper, enjoy the slides below:

In the second one, “Embedding Internet Technology for Home Automation“, co-authored with Matthias Kovatch and Markus Weiss), we look a bit more at the alternatives. What are the limitations/advantages of the Web of Things when applied to the home environment, in particular when considering a RESTful Architecture on top of IPV6. How does it compare with technologies traditionally used in home environments such as X10 or EIB/KNX.

Ready to mashup your home?!

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