Prepare your submissions: Workshop on the Urban Internet of Things, Tokyo

We are organizing the First International Workshop on the Urban Internet of Things at the IOT 2010 conference, at the end of this month, and we would love to invite you all to submitting a demo or a paper.

Unlike the WoT2010 which brought together WoT researchers, we emphasize here concrete applications practical solutions that can be built on top of WoT. We particularly welcome real-world deployments that can highlight the plus/minuses of using WoT as infrastructure for a scalable urban-scale data collection and processing.

We would like to bring closer practitioners in the area of smart cities (industries that build the various components of smart cities such as infrastructure, sensor, software, middleware, hardware, etc), along with researchers in various fields related to networked objects (that’s why we do this workshop in the context of IOT conference), and with architects/designers/urban planners that are in charge of designing the points of contact between citizens and this invisible (& growing) digital infrastructure.

The outcome would be for participants to get to know the latest trends in research/technology (& each other) and at the same time get practical insights about the challenges in building such scalable (city-wide+) infrastructures to collect, process, share and store huge quantities of real-time data from various urban sources. Pretty much like a combination between twitter and, but for sensor data which emphasizes open access to real-time data streams from cities (public APIs that anyone can access and code with).

As we wanted to avoid a “classic” mini-conf like workshop to enable active participation, we have been preparing a few surprises that will allow you to get your hands dirty and join the conversations and hands-on sessions with world-class experts in this area. More to follow soon.

Also, we are still looking for sponsors that could cover the travel costs of our keynote speaker, so if you know someone or are interested to sponsor us in exchange of some promotion/visibility, please get in touch with us (info@{guesswhat}.com would do).

Read more on the official call for papers/demos.

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