CouchDB 1.0 released

As in our project we needed a (quickly setup, reliable, and flexible) backend system to store sensor data, I played around with CouchDB as I wanted to explore a RESTful data store. As a matter of fact, the version 1.0 was released just a few minutes before I installed it. First impression, wow. Sleek, pretty fast, damn easy to use, flexible as any software should be (not the conventional click and run install, but damn well documented installation). I have to admit I’m impressed by the quality of this release, just as much as by the documentation.

I think this is the best option out there to store relatively low-frequency changing data, such as device metadata, information about locations, etc, but I really wonder how it performs for high-frequency data, such as sensor samples. Considering that it is a document store (for JSON data for example), I wondering how it handles the storage of thousands of incoming “documents” per second. This question is certainly worth exploring and I will hopefully be able to share some insights on this question soon.

In the meanwhile, we are looking forward to hear about your experiences with Web-oriented datastores.

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  • At the moment, we are using MongoDB and, in my opinion, it’s great . I didn’t explored CouchDB, but it seems very interesting that it exposes a “native” REST interface. With MongoDB we are implementing a REST interface which wraps the language-specific database drivers.
    Have you evaluated MongoDB for your project?



  • Interesting guys… I guess we should add Persevere to that list as well: It pretty much does what couchDB does, has a native REST API as well. I guess the scalability aspect has been less explored than for couchDB but on the plus side persevere couples an DB with an app server which makes it quite powerful.

    We used it for our physical mashup framework and I must say I quite like it!

    • yeah, I’ve tried persvr too, but it seems so much more amateur than mongo/couch. I’m totally a newbie, but it just doesn’t feel right… especially when looking at their website, makes me believe that their soft is done the same way. Will try more before I could really compare both.