CouchDB 1.0 released

As in our project we needed a (quickly setup, reliable, and flexible) backend system to store sensor data, I played around with CouchDB as I wanted to explore a RESTful data store. As a matter of fact, the version 1.0 was released just a few minutes before I installed it. First impression, wow. Sleek, pretty fast, damn easy to use, flexible as any software should be (not the conventional click and run install, but damn well documented installation). I have to admit I’m impressed by the quality of this release, just as much as by the documentation.

I think this is the best option out there to store relatively low-frequency changing data, such as device metadata, information about locations, etc, but I really wonder how it performs for high-frequency data, such as sensor samples. Considering that it is a document store (for JSON data for example), I wondering how it handles the storage of thousands of incoming “documents” per second. This question is certainly worth exploring and I will hopefully be able to share some insights on this question soon.

In the meanwhile, we are looking forward to hear about your experiences with Web-oriented datastores.

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