This is the first post on the Web of Things. Yeah, our vision is finally alive. We will be talking about new products, technologies, devices, and everything related to physical computing. The About page will give you more info of what we’re talking here. We really hope this web site will strive and provide a solid platform where geeks, tinkerers, practitioners, interaction designers, business people, and anyone else interested in the Web of Things can exchange ideas and build the next generation of the Web. We plan to be more than just a blog, a real place where new technologies can be experimented with in the World Wide Web.

The Web of Things is small but growing community that was born by noticing a need to share real sensors.

We’re a bunch of geeks that work in the field of Web of Things. But first, what is the Web of Things?

  1. A global ecosystem of Web-enabled devices. We’re referring to anything that has a microprocessor and a means to communicate data. This includes obviously all kinds of Wireless Sensor Networks, mobile phones, physical computing platforms (arduino, gumstix, etc…), and anything else that mets the criterion above.
  2. It is not the Internet of Things. Simple. We do not just talk about using the Internet to exchange data between devices, but really about making any kind of devices as citizen of the Web. This is about analyzing what made the Web so popular and successful as a distributed system.
  3. Not some Web service to read data from a weather station in Zurich. Our target is to experiment and reuse as many existing standards from the Web as possible.

Unless you want to get a bunch of input, you should select feeds that are really concerning you. Be ready, because tons of goodies are in preparation.

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