What have you been up to?

There is an unfortunate inverted relationship between the blogging capacity of a team and its capacity to actually make things happen, a relationship that we currently had to deal with! 🙂

Hence, in this post I wanted to give you bribes of what we have been up to at EVRYTHNG lately by means of two videos. The first video is a talk that our Chief Operations Officer, James Clifton gave at MI Expo in London.

I quite like this video because it gives a great overview of the market we are currently after, it conveys well the core of our startup and is addresses not necessarily to the geekiest of us out there!

The the second video was shot at the Economist Conference in London where our CMO, Andy Hobsbawm talks about the interactive possibilities when everyday objects communicate with each other and the people that use them. Your camera can tell you where and when to get the perfect shots, your guitar can help you find other musicians near you. Companies can augment physical products with digital services that deliver personalised experiences and apps for their individual owners.