Netgear releases Open 802.11n router

As a few days ago, Netgear has released a gigabit and programmable router, the WNR3500, which is supported by the MyOpenRouter community. This is a fantastic piece of equipment as it enable developers (hint: us) to install custom software on router, typically WoT software that can bridge proprietary embedded devices with Web directly on a router, thus not requiring any additional devices for this purpose.


Just as Sputnik has done with legendary WRT54g, one can easily develop custom firmware running directly on cheap routers and sell the whole thing as an augmented product. Which is what that they did for offering a web-based management system for public Wi-Fi hotspots. Besides, just having the possibility of hacking directly with the router, allows you to integrate network-level data into your application (think of your router tweeting each time a new device connect and gets an IP address with DHCP). Can I be more explicit? Just get this thing, because at 119$ it’s a steal!

Oh did I mention that this beast has 64 MB Ram, USB 2.0, and a 480 Mhz CPU?