Live from the 2nd Workshop on Mashups, Enterprise Mashups and Lightweight (goood! ;-)) Composition on the Web (MEM 2009)

Mashups encapsulate this idea of making integration of service easier so that even normal people (i.e. not complete-geeks) can create small ad-hoc apps on top of services on the Web.

We’d like to apply this approach to things so that you can for example, make your alarm clock talk to your toaster (e.g. I’m waking up, prepare my toats) without going into FPGA or PLC programming! Thus, we sent a paper at this (according to colleagues) state-of-the-art workshop on mashups.

The paper got accepted and here am I, at WWW 2009 and live blogging the workshop for our beloved visitors and community members. Note that as usual I won’t respect the #1 rule of conference blogging, i.e. I’m going to add my two cents of comments to the posts. Also note that these posts reflect my understanding of the presentations not a literal transcription.

PS: no I’m not THAT lucky to be in Madrid the weather here reminds me of my time living close to Scotland!

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