Tim O’Reilly: “The next stage of Web 2.0 is going to be driven by sensors”

Not that we did not know it, but when somebody as important for the Web community as Tim O’Reilly says it, it becomes even more true!

Apparently according to Tim O’Reilly at the Web 2.0 Expo the next evolution of the Web is going to be physical or to be more precise, driven by sensors.

In his O’Reilly Radar post, Dylan Field talks about a few concrete applications of this Web of sensors. We also listed some and are about to list the other ones we are working on. Understanding the use of the sensor Web and having examples of killers apps is really key in building the sensor Web and making it convincing. But instead of having us only describing our prototypes, it would be a several orders of magnitude more interesting to get YOUR input!

What application of the sensor Web to you envision/work on? Post your ideas and links here as comments and let’s blog about it!

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  • françois-albert gandon

    Hi Dominique,

    Your blog is really worth reading : always great content.

    I am really interested in this new web. Call it “WOT”, “pervasive computing” “ubiquitous computing” … But the problem is I am marketing guy. The kind of guy who has worked in many web startups, spent hours and hours on the net discovering new services based on the Twitter API, willing to create his own super cool service. But the one who has no technical skills. Its frustration every day.

    As i said previously, i have spent hours and hours on the net discovering new projects related to WOT. If you want to make a difference (in terms of content) you have to really explain how it works. I mean like an Instructable would do. So many times, posts are explaining what those new gadgets do, but never go into the details (source code, step by step guide, … are missing) Too bad.

    We (the webofthings.com readers) could create a new project web sonsor. Here is my proposition. (In the following sentences “We” is refering to the webofthings.com readers).

    _ We share and decide on what application of the sensor Web we want to work on.

    _ We establish one list of the components we need

    _ Every week (more or less ferquently) you publish one new how to.

    _ At the end of this series of posts, we would be the first community powered web sensor project.

    Let me know if you are interested. Hope you are ,-)

  • thanks! yeah, what you describe is ideally our target. Gather a community of doers that build things, a community of designers that makes these things gorgeous, and a community of people that can turn toys into products and sell them. In the longer run, we really hope that when you have a wot idea, you come here, look for a partner in crime, and just do it!

    How do you see this take form? A wiki? an open blog? We don’t really like the idea where everybody has an account and can post on the blog, as our main concern is to ensure a certain level of quality ot our readers, and at the same time avoid becoming mashable.com or alike where good content gets lost in too many posts a day.

    On the other hand, something like a diycity sounds cool, and I love the concept as well, but it hard to find a compromise.

    How would you do to engage more the community and allow them to participate? Please let us know!

    Thanks again for your interest!

  • Dear François-Albert,

    A very nice comment of yours! Actually as Vlad said this would be the ultimate goal. As a warm up we are currently preparing a white-paper and a number of posts going deeper into what we mean by Web of Things. This is going to include technologies and source code not much bla-bla but rather digging into the subject and getting our hands dirty!

    So stay tuned, this is only a start and your comment is rather motivating to move forward. Note that your idea of a community project is great as well and should definitely start once the basis has been discussed an posted.

  • François albert gandon

    Vlad and Dominique,

    Enjoyed reading your comments ;-D

    I’ll send you more information by mail soon.

    Hope by the end of this week. I am busy those days/weeks…

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