WoT at LIFT, so come and join us!

Folks, we’re submitting tons of proposals for LIFT in order to give an official start to the Web of Things (officially this site does not yet exist, so if you’re reading this consider yourself as the privileged early adopters)!

First of all, we’re proposing an open stage with the hope to spread the ideas behind the Web of Things to the lift crowd to generate ideas (and hopefully fans!). We plan to release officially the web of things at that moment, and start building a community of people that want to take part in laying the basis of a future web filled with tons of funky devices. Yes, go and vote for the talk, thanks, that was the point of the announcement 😀

Then (and more important), a totally awesome workshop on the future of the internet of things is taking place as well. Thanks to Alexandra Deschamps-Sosino from Tinker.it! for joining us and help organize this workshop. Yes go and vote too, but make sure you’re ready to spend a couple of days after lift putting ice packs on your brain after the conference, because we’re really going to make you folks think really hard.

Finally a birds of feather session will be planned to share ideas and the outcome of our workshop with the LIFT crowd. COME too, it will be awesome!