People, please do not worry! Dom & are still alive and well. The lack of activity is not due to us becoming reasonable and getting a real job to feed our 75 children. No, we just have been working like wild animals on the 17 paper deadlines we have daily, but it’s okay. Life is beautiful. At the end of this month we’ll be alive again and less multitasking deadlines. I’ll just post some quick news for now, and more deep (read philosphignical).

I’ve stumbled upon yesterday on the website of the Sensor Web alliance, and this seems quite cool. In particular I like the fact that these people would really benefit from having global standards for sensor deployments. I have been briefly checking out their work, and I love the fact that most of them are working with real problems, in particular in the field of GIS, agriculture and so on. I think these real problems and concrete implementation are an essential element for building the Web of Things, because I feel most work in the are of networked devices is really about tightly coupled system for very specific application. They are organizing a cool workshop on this topic and will try to go there (it’s in may in Tokyo, but there are chances I’ll be there around that time,so please cross your fingers for me, thx). I think our work on building the Web of Things is definitely important for the Sensor Web community.

ok good, that’s not really a news, my papers are waiting. stay tuned until we become normal beings that sleep at night again.

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