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Companies Making the WoT: Unboxing the New SunSpots

Over the last few years we had the chance (and increasingly have) to meet plenty of WoT researchers but also people who work for companies developing Web of Things software and products. This is the first in a series of posts where want to share with you a few companies and their people that we had the chance to visit and liked a lot.

Welcoming the Sun SPOTs to the Web of Things 3,016

Welcoming the Sun SPOTs to the Web of Things

It’s a known fact that we (or at least) love Sun SPOTs. Not the ones on the sun but the Sensor nodes developed by Sun Labs (now/soon Oracle Labs?) a couple of years ago. Speaking Java better than any language out there (including French ;-)), when the first fully-natively-java Wireless Sensor Nodes came out you can imagine my joy. Since then I can’t remember a paper we wrote that does not use Spots in its prototype! We worked quite a lot with them, created several stacks to make them “Web-enabled” and RESTful, to make them part of the Web of...

Internet developers day – part 2 2,508

Internet developers day – part 2

Here is part 2, part one is here. One Web, Yoan Blanc, doSimple. We thought of a single uniform web. Banana phone, with WAP. Now we have tons of devices that try to surf the Web and they all want the same level of experience (mobile browser market share version 1.0 image). Discusses the <meta viewport>, that allows it to fit on many mobile devices (he talks about ppk, peter paul koch who does testing of mobile browsers). Testing: MicroEmulator runs opera mini. You don’t need an iPhone app! Html is enough. You can also use manifest.cache to specify what...

Web Enablement of Sensor Networks: INSS 2009 6,114

Web Enablement of Sensor Networks: INSS 2009

Dear folks, People have been asking for more “scientific” and concrete material to be posted on WOT. Hence this post which is about a paper that we got accepted for INSS 2009 here is a summary of what it talks about: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have promising industrial applications, since they reduce the gap between traditional enterprise systems and the real world. However, every particular application requires complex integration work, and therefore technical expertise, effort and time which prevents users from creating small tactical, ad-hoc applications using sensor networks. Following the success of Web 2.0  “mashups”, we propose a similar...


Towards the Web of Things: Web Mashups for Embedded Devices @ MEM 2009

Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa, Towards the Web of Things: Web Mashups for Embedded Devices Dominique Guinard presents this paper. (You might wonder how I manage to both present it and blog about it, well this is thanks to Ghislain Fourny who wrote a summary of my talk). After introducing a couple of smart objects and noticing that the audience is uncool as nobody has a Poken, Dominique asks how we are going to deal with the 1000+ smart objects each person is going to have within the next 5 to 10 years. Communicating with these objects could be made...

Using REST on SunSPOTs 2,680

Using REST on SunSPOTs

This post is the second in this series where we try to describe some of the concrete projects we are working on right now. The ultimate goal of the project was to create a smart logger that could be attached to shipments in order to monitor them while being transported or through their life-cycle, sort of a “ueber-RFID”. Of course, we wanted to use the REST principles in order to fully integrate the smart logger to the Web as well as to be able easily build applications on top of the logger. As smart loggers, we use the Sun SPOT...