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Hackathon on social devices @ WoT2011

Because we don’t like just talking but also doing, we’ve decided to set up an exciting warm-up for our upcoming WoT2011 workshop. I named: a hackathon on social device that will take place on the 11 June 2011 somewhere in San Francisco. In 3 words (okay more than 3):


Big data and smart cities

I didn’t blog much in the last months as I was fortunate enough to spend the second half of 2010 as a researcher at the MIT SENSEable City Lab. I spent most of my time working on the LIVE Singapore! project (and living between Boston and Singapore), in particular exploring the “so what?” aspect of WoT – that is how to actually build something useful on top of all these sensors. This project is very timely and matches wonderfully with what’s happening right now in the data.gov and smart cities spheres.

Yaler 1.0 released 2,692

Yaler 1.0 released

We’re happy to announce that our friends at Oberon Microsystems have released the first open version of yaler (reverse of relay). The have made an excellent impression at our WoT2010 workshop by showing a demo of an essential building block for building an infrastructure for the Web of Things. In two words it’s a server to which embedded devices can initiate an HTTP connection, which will be kept open. Using the reversehttp protocol, notifications can be send anytime from the server to any device connected to yaler, even when behind a firewall or NAT. From to the official website: A...

CFP – First international workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2010) 3,226

CFP – First international workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2010)

The first WoT workshop is still out, so prepare your submissions, because we have assembled an exceptional committee to discuss this essential topic! Check out the official workshop website. -= CALL FOR PAPERS =- First International Workshop the Web of Things (WoT 2010) in conjunction with the 8th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2010), Mannheim, Germany Website: http://www.webofthings.com/wot/2010 Paper submission deadline: October 18, 2009 November 15, 2009 Notification of acceptance: December 21, 2009 Camera-ready papers due: January 29, 2010 The world of embedded devices has experienced radical changes over the past few years as real-world objects...

Web hooks 2,565

Web hooks

Guys (& girls), check this out first I just heard about web hooks yesterday and thought it’s just something totally cool. I think it’s an excellent approach to a much more programmable web and world, especially if we think in terms of small scale, personal mashups. The idea has been around for a while and maybe hasn’t been formalized with an official terminology yet, but it’s a totally cool way to have some publish/subscribe mechanism on the Web, or better said trigger-based notifications. It’s funny that I was thinking of doing something like that, but Jeff did it a little...

David Oban talks about OpenSpime and WideSpime Internet of Things. 3,132

David Oban talks about OpenSpime and WideSpime Internet of Things.

David Oban talks about OpenSpime, an open Internet of Things. The Trend Cisco is forming the Internet Smart Object alliance, which promotes the used of IP in Networks of Smart Objects not long after this announcement they also acquired Jabber to extend their knowledge in messaging. The EU is organizing a number of Internet of Things workshops, thus it seems like the IoT is becoming a reality not sci-fi anymore. Spime Application Space Spime is the contraction of SPace and tIME. It’s about a new category of objects aware of their surroundings. As an example CO2 Spime collects the CO2...