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Towards the WOT Manifesto 6

Towards the WOT Manifesto

I’m taking a couple of days off in Romania, to chill out and reorganize my brain. We’ve been so busy working with Dom lately that we barely had time for WOT, and even less for getting our work done. Mainly tons of papers, meetings, talks, and barely no time to hack/code, and that kind of sucks. We both agreed that in the coming months, we’ll cut off random unproductive activities, to really focus on our work and building the Web of Things. I’ve notice that all the people I talk to not really understand what WOT is about, and for...

Lift Day 1: Morning 0

Lift Day 1: Morning

Nicolas Nova : The recurring failure of holy grail The video phone started in the 60’s, but it was too expensive (27$ per min). Then other attempts of videophones, but still technology sucked, images were lagging. Now you still have new attempts of the video phone (Asus 2008). Another holy grail is the smart fridge. Good idea to have a screen in the fridge to watch movies or have the net, so people can check recipes. Many smart fridges have been launched, but still they are not really used. Another example is LBS, it’s been 20 years that people tried...

Afternoon talks at the Internet des Objets day 1

Afternoon talks at the Internet des Objets day

Jean-Louis Fréchin (ENSI) has been working for a long time in the design of technological objects, and gave an awesome talk about technologies from a designer perspective. The interface is an object. “Beau et bon” (beautiful and good) he says about the iPhone. He is making (building) digital artifacts, from services to objects rather than the other way around. It’s so much about software than hardware, and it’s becoming hard to differentiate between digital (software) interface and the hardware, there is tangible aspect to objects. “N0-Objects” – new digital objects, novel kinds on networked devices, all kinds of network structures, and...