ICWE Goes WoT!

As researchers we got to attend a number of computer science and in particular Web conferences. The International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE for the insiders!) was one we particularly enjoyed attending thanks to the quality of papers, talks and networking opportunities for all things Web.

Hence, it is our pleasure to see that one of the big topics of ICWE2016 will be the Web of Things. In particular the organizers are looking for contributions along the lines of:

  • Applications, Use cases, and Experiences with Web of Things systems
  • Cloud platforms and services for the Web of Things
  • Context recognition methods (e.g. activity recognition, social-context recognition) with Web of Things technology
  • Design methods, architectures, and computational models for Web of Things systems
  • Integrating and exploiting novel sources of (social) data from Web of Things devices (e.g. home sensors, wearable sensors, smart textile technologies, etc.)
  • Security, privacy, access control, and sharing of physical things on the Web
  • Semantic Web and the Web of Things
  • Social interactions and behavior analysis for Web of Things applications fields
  • Social Web and the Web of Things
  • Web-based discovery, search, composition, and physical mashups

All the calls are still open so hurry up and submit your papers via: http://icwe2016.webengineering.org/cfp.html

Should you miss the main conference submission deadlines you should also check the workshops and in particular the WS-REST workshop which is know to Web people as one of the prime venues for all things REST and HTTP.

As a bonus, here is a throw back of the tutorial on the Web of Things we presented at the last edition of ICWE (ICWE15), enjoy!